Competition Rules

Team Captains,

These rules are to be used in conjunction with AANA rulebook. We ask that you make these available to all members of your team, and we hope you have an enjoyable season of Netball. If any player in your team suffers from a medical condition or carries life saving medication, please inform the umpire or supervisor prior to taking the court.

Game fees must be handed in prior to the start of game

Players - Must be at least 14 years of age.

All team members/players must be covered by insurance and must be paid before you can play.

A registered player with a team may not fill in for any other team in their section. Teams may substitute from a lower grade only. If this player plays 3 games up they CANNOT go back to the lower section.

To be eligible to play finals player name must be entered on team list

Mixed Netball

Only three males permitted on the court at the one time. Minimum of 1 male to constitute a mixed game.


Women - consist of matching colour skirts or appropriate shorts (Bicycle pants, ¾ pants or track pants can be worn under skirts or shorts) Singlets may be worn but shoestring straps are not permitted. Mixed -consist of matching skirts or shorts for ladies and appropriate shorts for men. Appropriate shorts should be around knee length with no large pockets or zips (cycling shorts are not suitable).


A shade variation is allowed e.g. Navy and Royal Blue or Navy and Black. Incorrect uniform bears no penalty for first 3 weeks of a new season. Any team may approach umpires about an opposing team's uniform, but this must be done before half time. The umpire's decision will be final. If you are in doubt, please feel free to contact the office. All players must wear runners. Hair slides, hair beads and hats are not permitted. Players with plaster injuries are not permitted to play. Games will not be stopped to tie laces.


All jewellery must be removed (piercings may be covered with fabric tape), a flat wedding band is permitted.


Will consist of 4 X 9 min. quarters with a 2 min. break at half time. Teams taking the court late (after the other team is on court a ready to begin) will be penalised a goal a minute up to end of first quarter, at which point the offending team will forfeit.


4 points awarded to team with rostered bye.

Re Grading

The competition reserves the right to re-grade teams or give penalties at any time.


Please make every attempt to avoid forfeits; these are a disruption to other teams and the competition. Teams that forfeit must pay a penalty fee. No Exceptions. A 10-goal penalty and 4 points to the non-offending team. In the unavoidable event where you will have to forfeit please contact the office as early as possible so that the other team can be notified. In the event of a forfeit, the non-offending team may register players. Forfeit fees are $120 and non negotiable.


It is the responsibility of each team to supply a scorer.

Finals will be 4 x 9 min. quarters, 2 min. break at half time. If the game ends in a draw, then there shall be a further 5 minutes played at each end. The game will be timed with a hand held timer and if nearing the end of extra time and the result is still a draw, the time keeper is required to hold the time at 5 seconds until the next goal is scored. (No new players, that is those who have not taken part in the original game time, may take the court at the commencement of the extra time.)



Are responsible for conduct of team players and their spectators. The competition has the right to suspend players or teams. It is the responsibility of captains to ensure that all team members are aware of the rules. Ignorance is no excuse. In serious circumstances a tribunal may be asked to adjudicate.

Code of Conduct

A player code of conduct has been introduced, this is available on our web-page Team Captains must make this available to all players.


Are expected to maintain discipline at all times and have the right to report offensive language or behaviour. The 'F' word or other similar vulgarities are not acceptable. The offending player may be warned or sent from the court for a minimum of 2 goals. Offending spectators will be asked to leave the stadium.


All Injuries MUST be recorded on your scoresheet prior to signing and handing in. First aid is the responsibilty of each team, Ice is available at the Stadium reception.

Blood Rule

No player is allowed to continue playing if bleeding. The bleeding player cannot take the court until all visible blood is cleaned/covered. Bloodstained clothing to be removed or cleaned. Player may return to position being played after notifying the umpire.