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Netballcomp has operated in the North Eastern suburbs for 35 years and is affiliated with Netball Victoria the governing body for netball in the state. It is a social competition for adults, providing grades for mixed and ladies teams. Netballcomp philosophy, is that people can have fun, keep fit, and play at a level that suits their ability.

Melbourne's favourite competition is now bigger and better.

The competition operates:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Evenings

at a variety of venues located in Northcote, Macleod, Bundoora and Bulleen.

Due to the number of teams, numerous grades are available to cater for all abilities. Therefore, if you are a part of a team, or an individual player, it is possible to find a suitable level for you.

All teams and players are expected to have read the relevant Competition Rules and the Player Code of Conduct

  • Code of Conduct
  • Netballcomp Rules 
  • Privacy Policy netballcomp

Insurance claims

If you are injured within the netballcomp group you are able to make a claim

All injuries must be wriiten on the back of the score sheet, please include a brief description of what happened and give a contact number. (This can be done by the captain on behalf of the injured player). 

Netball players

For Netballcomp

The insurance is through Netball Australia. Full details regarding how to make a claim are available on the following link. Click on the link provided Making a claim. Once completed, please forward all paperwork to us. We will then forward the claim to the Insurance company on your behalf.

Our postal address is 86 Grand Blvd, Montmorency, Vic 3094. We advise you to keep copies of all receipts and forms submitted.

Netball players