Playing Cost : Teams

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Item Macleod nth Full Court Netball Bulleen   5S
Players Per Team (on court) 7
Team Registration $65.00
Weekly Game Fees $80.00
Team Insurance $115.00

Playing Cost : Individuals

These costs only apply if you are joining as part of our individuals program. They do NOT apply to players who are part of their own team.

Item Full Court Netball Fast 5 Netball
Players Put Into Team 8 5
Sign Up Fee $25.00 for the first time you join as an individual with netballcomp includes game fee. Then normal game fees apply
Seasonal Fees (Min 16 weeks) / Some Nights 19 weeks Season $11.00 $10.00

* If Teams make Final there will be a Game Fee.

For all venues we proudly offer the premium insurance cover provided by Netball Victoria is the premium governing body in the state.