Netball Competition Melbourne

Thank you for your interest in playing with Netball Competition.

Registrations are currently welcome for the Season starting end Jan 2022

Teams are able to join us when ready as we have great flexibility- We make it work for you.........

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To register with our league please complete the contact details below and submit. You will receive a welcome email with our payment details.

  • Captains are required to read the relevant competition rules and player code of conduct.
  • Captains must make them available to all team members. Captains are also advised that if a team withdraws during the season, forfeit and exits fees apply (as per rules).

Registrations for netballcomp at RMIT- Bundoora, Carey Sports Complex - Bulleen, Banyule Stadium- Macleod and Northcote High-Northcote

  • Macleod - Ladies and Mixed on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (Please note overflow venues- Ladies Macleod join with Ladies Bulleen & Mixed Macleod join with RMIT Bundoora Mixed-Macleod teams will play some games at relevant other court during the season)
  • Bulleen - Ladies and Mixed on a Monday
  • Northcote - Mixed and Ladies on a Monday and Thursday
  • RMIT Bundoora - Mixed on a Monday and Wednesday and Ladies on a Wednesday and Thursday (stadium entry fee of approx $2.50)
  • Registration Fee is $65 (Incl GST)
  • Weekly Game fee is $80 (Summer season 2022)
  • Following the COVIDS break we have consolidated our insurance for all venues. Team insurance through Netball Australia- Costs for insurance is $125 per team per Season (Teams joining end of Jan 2022 only pay $65 as current season finishes at Easter).
  • Back for 2022-Macleod- Fast 5 Tuesday night- Registration $65, free insurance and your game fee is $50, (min 1 guy for fast 5 mixed). Enter Fast 5 in special requests


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Only these combinations of venue, league type, and night are available:

  • Macleod -Ladies and Mixed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Bulleen -Ladies and Mixed Monday
  • Northcote -Mixed on a Monday and Ladies Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • RMIT Bundoora -Mixed on Monday and Wednesday, and Ladies Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

* Mandatory field.